Welcome to the AMELIA platform! AMELIA is a synthetic dataset that enables and strengthens comparative and reproducible research in the light of sampling design based simulations. The purpose of such simulations is to compare and evaluate new sampling designs, different estimators, and/or their variance estimators. The performance of survey statistics methodology is often directly connected to the sampling design. Sample data is often not appropriate because of its sample size or other characteristics which makes it difficult or impossible to implement specific sampling designs. Additionally, household or person data is usually restricted regarding statistical disclosure which complicates or circumvents comparative and reproducible research since data must not be made available to other researchers. Therefore, design based simulations require a synthetic population from which samples can be drawn. Both, the population and the already drawn samples using different sampling designs are provided via this platform.

Users are invited to develop the dataset by drawing new samples considering other sampling designs or by creating additional variables. These new extensions will be listed in the respective section on this website.