AMELIA v0.2.3


The AMELIA dataset and its samples may be used for research and teaching free of charge  upon the condition that the data description paper and the AMELIA paper (Synthetic data for open and reproducible methodological research in social sciences and official statistics by J. P. Burgard, J.-P. Kolb, R. Münnich and H. Merkle, AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv, volume 11, issue 3-4, December 2017, pages 233-244), are properly cited in the data users publication(s) where AMELIA is used. The data user accepts to inform the providers of AMELIA via in case she or he intends to provide additions like new variables or sampling designs as well as in case she or he made use of AMELIA in her or  his publications. This notification should be sent no later than one month after release or  publication.

AMELIA data description – v0.2.3.1 (PDF)


RData Files

AMELIA dataset on person-level – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA dataset household-level – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA samples, 1.2 (simple random sampling) – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA samples, 1.4a (stratified sampling) – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA samples, 1.4b (stratified sampling) – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA samples, 1.4c (stratified sampling) – v0.2.3 (RData)

AMELIA samples, 2.7 (two-stage stratified sampling) – v0.2.3 (RData)



CSV Files

CSV is not provided for this version of AMELIA (v0.2.3) due to cumbersome file sizes. If you would like to use CSV, please refer to AMEILA v0.2.2.